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Roger Schult

It Takes


What happens if a small group of audio enthusiasts with 100% complementary interests keeps running into each other time and again? They inevitably start to plot something! In our case, that certain something manifested as digital emulations of excellent analog gear, both new and old.



Roger is one of the most experienced analog audio engineers we have these days, especially when it comes to esoteric tube circuitry, historic electronic components and rare vintage audio classics.

Based on his technological inventions in several fields and decades of experience in audio electronics, Roger’s German Audio Lab creates independent designs which are truly unique.

Reimund Dratwa



Fascinated by everything audio, Dominik helped to market some of the very first audio interfaces in his early days, long before I/O-to-burn became the common standard all around the globe.

Later on, he founded and managed elysia for more than a decade and finally teamed up with Roger and Reimund to merge his passions for analog and digital into an exciting new venture: NEOLD. 



If you’re running any audio plugins on your computer, chances are good that at least a few of them have been written by Reimund, a deeply knowledgeable expert in translating complex analog topologies into top notch DSP code.

Reimund has created many leading analog modeling titles for Brainworx/Plugin Alliance and Black Rooster before creating his own venture, Fuse Audio Labs, and becoming the chief code master at NEOLD.

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