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The Leveling Amplifier

T4B Cell


The U2A is an homage to what is rightfully considered the ultimate opto compressor of all times. It celebrates the bold minimalism and beautiful nonlinearities which built the legend, while providing unique access to system relevant component conditions for unconventional flexibility and control.

Through the Decades

In the analog world, there is a wide variety in how the individual hardware units sound and behave due to physical aging effects. The U2A makes use of this phenomenon, allowing to blend from a freshly serviced unit with a new opto cell to an age-old vintage device in its original state. Meanwhile, the near magical program-dependent release character of the T4B attenuator can be tweaked with an individual knob.

U2A GUI Model

in One

The U2A assigns makeup gain and THD injection to separate controls, so opto compression and tube saturation can be adjusted independently of each other. Rounded off with onboard parallel processing and the usual suspects like the infamous R37 sidechain filter network and a limiter mode switch, the ultimate tool for beefy and most musical leveling just got... complete.

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