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The Golden Channel


The King

of Preamps

... meets the German Fairchild:
The V and U series modules from the 1950s and 60s are legend. Created by the most experienced engineers with nearly unlimited resources made possible by government funding, these milestones in analog audio processing have enchanted countless music productions to the present day.

V76U73 Rack



The V76U73 is an absolutely accurate emulation of the real analog circuits with all their gorgeous components, making the wonderful tube sound of this classic vintage preamp and compressor available as an easy-to-use channel strip.

While the plugin honors the straight concept and simplicity of the original modules, it also provides some carefully integrated workflow and usability optimizations to meet modern day production requirements in your DAW.



With the V76U73 you will be able to enchant your vocals, guitars, bass, drums and synths with the unique tone and dynamics these rare and highly sought-after studio icons are famous for. Add an authentic vintage vibe to your music!

Beyond that… have you ever dreamt about owning your very own sixties tube mixing console? Just try multiple instances of the V76U73 on your instruments and busses to feel that old school vibe building up track by track.

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